Usha Adams

What would you do if your dad named one of the most well known healing destinations in Honduras after you?" I am Usha and I'm ready to share our family's legacy.

For 25 years I have apprenticed and was trained under the tutelage of my mother, Maa Bowman, Herbal Alchemist of the Fig Tree Natural Vegetation Bio-Electric Cell Food Products Natural Living Programs & by my father, world renowned and the one and only, Dr. Sebi.  I am here to help you learn and understand what to do when living a natural cell food vegetation lifestyle. 

So join us and take the journey to living a natural healthy lifestyle!​

In 2017, after the very controversial death of my dad, Alfredo Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi-- "I have been challenged with listening to a countless number of people sharing their truths and lies about a man of healing, that devoted his life to natural vegetation cell food and intracellular therapy.   It's not been easy for the family and very dear friends of my dad to find ways to continue his legacy.  The question I ask myself often, is what can I do to help maintain the integrity and birthright given to me from the day I was born-- I was introduced to all of the healing formulas and healing programs created to rid your body of many diseases by eating and consuming Bio-Electric Cell Food.  I will be telling my story with the on air radio station host throughout America, Canada, and the Caribbean.  Please sign up to receive updates on what radio stations to tune into for upcoming Usha4Life and the Bio-Electric Cell Food journey that was left behind by her dad, Alfred Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi. 

When Dr. Sebi named the Usha Healing Institute, in Honduras, the same name I was given, I have always been very proud to live up to the name and what the purpose behind it's intention was given by both my mom, Maa Bowman and Dad. 

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