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Usha's Butterfly Retreat Announcement

Usha's Butterfly Retreat has been postponed until August 18th, 2022. We have had numerous request to join the retreat and with limited space we are restructuring so that we may provide more space and activities to our clients. 

If you have registered please lookout for more information via email. If you haven't registered, you still have time. 

Please contact us for more info

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Usha's        Retreat

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Welcome to Usha’s butterfly retreat!

Dip your toes into the sand and join us on a 4-day stay at our retreat, where you’ll be immersed in  exercise classes based on your personal fitness prescription, stress management workshops,  one-on-one counseling and education classes led by our senior counselor  Maã Bowman. Through our teachings we will be offering an array of food demonstrations, while you embark  on the achievement of what natural healing ensures.  

What To Expect


Cooking Course

Meditation / Yoga / Exercise

Herbal Course

Healing Activities



Usha's           Retreat This retreat will become the first of many throughout the year as we plan for you to have the  best experience possible. For those unable to join us on this retreat, note there will be more to  come please contact our staff for further information.  . 

Our Mission 

 Our mission at Usha’s butterfly retreat is to provide a safe and comfortable environment to  support a healthy balance of healing and self-discovery on many levels. We honor the ways in  which nature can help us awaken as individuals endeavoring in the integration of mind, body  and spiritual guidance.  

Pink and Black Butterfly

The Process

When: August 18th - August 22nd, 2022

Where: Orlando, Florida

Price: $2,800 Deposit: $1,000

Please register below and you will be contacted with more information. 

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