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Nutritional Program

It takes a Village. We welcome Usha's Corner Nutritional Program. Helps guides & promotes a healthier Lifestyle!

Usha's Corner Nutritional Program offers our clients FREE follow up calls throughout your healing journey with us. This program is designed to help you by being able to answer questions, make adjustments to your package, counsel, & help monitor your progress accordingly. 

How to Enroll: You are automatically enrolled into the program when you book a consultation. 

How much does it cost: One time Consultation Fee. Book your consultation to start your Healing Journey.

How long are you Enrolled: You are enrolled into the program as long as you are with us during your healing process. If you go a consecutive 3 months without having your Nutritional Package, at that time you will have to book a consultation again. 

What is a Nutritional Package: This is the recommendation that is given to you after your consultation. It consist of all of your products with instructions.

Follow up Calls: You will start with a scheduled follow up call 30 days into you starting your package. After 3 months. Depending on if your have a consultation with Usha or Chanera, you will be scheduled a 1-on-1 call either every 3 months or monthly with Chanera. During this time you will discuss your progress  along with your results from your doctor. As you are on the Nutritional Program, you will need to go get a doctor's checkup so we both know EXACTLY what's going on and your progress. 

After Follow up Calls: After your 3 month 1-on-1 with Usha with your lab work, please  contact your representative to schedule your next follow up.  






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